Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite Wedding Websites

If I got paid by the hour for looking at wedding websites I would have more money then Oprah and Mark Zuckerberg combined. It's like an addiction for me that has no cure (not that I would want it if there was). Looking at different weddings, trends, dresses, and ideas makes my heart happy. Since I spend so much time doing this I thought I would share the love and pass on a few of my favorites this year.

**Warning: I cannot be held responsible for any addiction you may catch while looking at these sites : ) does an amazing job at showcasing weddings, tablescapes, and DIY. They have also just launched their redesigned site for even more online inspiration.

Lets be honest the Queen of all wedding websites has to be
This site has become part of my daily routine. 

If you want to look at photos from weddings in from france to Cabo to N. Carolina then check out the photography portfolio of Elizabeth Messina.

Elizabeth Messina also started a blog which i'm a fan of at 
I could look at the archives forever!

Good luck trying to get off this one