Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Ranunculus

The beautiful weather we have been blessed with this April has me excited for the start of wedding season! One of my absolute favorite things about spring (besides the sunny spring days) is the arrival of all the gorgeous flowers.
One flower which always seems to grasp my attention is Ranunculus. Ranunculuses are particularly perfect for a spring wedding and sometimes are commonly referred to as Buttercups. These cost effective flowers typical season ranges from January to May (give or take a month depending on weather). The Ranunculus is a delicate bloom with exceedingly gleaming petals. These flowers are great for outdoor weddings remaining fresh when other types of flowers tend to wilt in heat. Ranunculus come in a wide array of colors including white, pale pink, yellow, red, orange, peach, and my personal favorite hot pink!

Perfect for a garden wedding.

My favorite!!
Photo Credit: James Christianson