Monday, April 5, 2010

Hop back into shape!

Yesterday, being Easter Sunday, I’m sure most of you enjoyed the beautiful weather, time with family, and most importantly indulging on the loads of Easter candy. I know I had my fair share of Jellybeans, Peeps, Chocolate Bunnies, Marshmallow Candies, and of course my personal favorite Cadbury Eggs (Yum!). But guess what?! Today is Monday, the holiday has come and gone, and now it is time to take all of that extra candy and get rid of it. Take it to your co-workers, throw it in the trash, donate it…I don’t care how you dispose of it, but get it out of your house. It’s time to get your bridal booty back on track. Fortunately, there are endless resources available to help you find an appropriate plan that best suits your own personal lifestyle.

A few great places to start and some of my personal suggestions include:

Magazine Guides: Bride and Shape magazine have joined forces to create a new magazine (cleverly) called Shape Bride. Their first issue features Melissa Rycroft on the cover is on stands now. Some highlights in the issue include an 8-week diet plan and exercises tips Melissa swears by. Even if you’re not planning on walking down the aisle soon, this magazine is not solely for brides. The magazine is a great resource for achieving a healthier lifestyle. I know I’ve enjoyed the first issue thus far; it’s a great switch up from my normal routine.

Bridal Boot Camp: This has become a popular new trend to help brides-to-be get in shape for their special day. Normally B.C. meets four times a week for approximately four weeks. Luckily, because of its recent success and popularity, many gyms and personal trainers around the Columbus area are offering these bridal boot camps. Don’t forget to keep following my blog for a more in-depth post on Bridal Boot Camp. Coming Soon!

Exercise on Demand: I completely understand that time is of the essence for mostly everyone, and going to the gym on a regular basis is not always feasible. Let’s face it, by the time you get dressed, pack a gym bag, drive there, get in a 45 minute workout, and make it back home you are figuring at least a 1 hr 25 min. ordeal. Above all, gym memberships are EXPENSIVE!! If you have Time Warner, I have a solution: it’s called Exercise on Demand (Channel 426). The best part, it has a little bit of everything. Quick 10 minute abs to full blown out cardio sessions. Sessions with Jillian Michaels, Jackie Warner, and striptease with Carmen Electra (could be fun for the honeymoon!). Also the on demand channel features Pilates, yoga, dance, and even its own version of bridal boot camp. It’s fun, convenient, and free!