Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Groom Edition of Shoes Day Tuesday

Weddings have evolved so much in just the past few decades. There was a time were weddings were as predictable as clockwork. A white dress, a black tux, tacky bridesmaid dresses, a standard ceremony and vows. Rice throwing cans clanking and tied to your car. All topped off with a white-icing cake and a traditional song.
Times have changed! Weddings now range from very traditional and orthodox ceremonies to getting hitched while scuba diving or bungee jumping. There is now so much possibility in how you can plan and personalize your wedding.
One way of expressing your personality at your wedding is, of course, your SHOES!! The shoe industry has millions of designers, the selection is endless. Therefore, if your groom has only worn dress shoes once or twice in his life, why make him on your wedding?
A popular new choice for men is customized converses. He can pick his style, color, and have your initials or wedding date added the back of his shoes.

You know I love me some heels but these customized converses are also available for women.

Available at http://www.converse.com/ for $65.00