Thursday, April 1, 2010

Inspirations from Vegas

Inspiration can best be described as: Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity. Through inspiration a sudden creative act or idea is made. Typically many brides peruse wedding books and magazines to develop a sense of inspiration and get that spark of creativity. I, on the other hand, enjoy discovering my inspirations from anywhere and everywhere.

I have come to learn some of my best inspirations (by far) come from my travels. I love it!! But, I HATE to fly. In the past six months I have been fortunate enough to journey to Riviera Maya, Mexico, Texas, Porta Plata Dominican Republic, and most recently Las Vegas. My Vegas vacation was a long weekend with my girlfriends to discuss, discover, and develop new inspirations. The city offers a wide array of truly unique and amazing hotels, restaurants, shopping, shows, and art galleries. They are insane! I’ve actually been to Vegas a total of 8 times and still have yet to see everything I wish to see and explore.

My past trip to Vegas we stayed at the new Aria hotel, which opened their doors this past Christmas. The rooms were incredible and featured state of the art technology (the toilet seats were even heated!!). If you enjoy a modern atmosphere, this is definitely a place you have to visit. I could not stop photographing the contemporary d├ęcor and design of the hotel. I am now itching for a super modern wedding. Our hotel was also home to two Jean Philippe Patisserie shops. He takes sugar and truly turns it into art. The Aria boasted some great shopping with their Crystal Shops. The Crystal Shops is home t the 5th largest Louis Vuitton store in the world. I found a great pair of shoes I was planning to blog about next Tuesday but was scolded for taking pictures (oops!). Unfortunately the price tags of many of the items located in the Crystal Shops were way beyond my means, but it’s always fun to look. I had the chance to see and touch dresses you only see in magazines or on the runway. There was a Robert Cavalli gown I would have to pay money just to try on, it was stunning! I hope you enjoy my photos!


Jean Philippe creation. The worldest tallest and largest chocolate fountain.
6 pumps circulating 2 TONS of chocolate.
The whole outside wall of Aria is water.
The design of WET; the same team who did the water show for the Belliago.
Inside the Crystal shops.

More of Jean Philippe's work. I seriously took about 50 pictures.
I love these trees!!
Carolina Herrera wedding gown.
Dale Chihuly art gallery next to Aria.
He is a glass sculptor, you might have seen his ceiling display in the lobby of the Belliago.

My room! Wish my bedroom at home looked like this.
If the planning of your wedding has you stressed out and you decide you want to elope or your going to Vegas for your bachlorette party, I hightly suggest staying at Aria.

Remember to stop and look around next time your out, you never know when you'll find something that might inspire your creativity