Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

I am not a very good writer and when my emotions are involved I tend to even be worse, therefore, I was torn on whether to do this post for today. I wasn't torn based on people judging my writing but on whether I would be capable of expressing my thoughts on today. With that said I will do my best...

Words cannot describe the devastation that September 11th 2001 brought to so many people and particularly families. Any time I see a photo or clip of that horrible day my heart aches. I was in Math class when the planes hit and 24 hours later I was in the heart of it. My experience of that horrible day is nothing compared to those who lost loved ones but it affected me in a way I will never forget. My dad and I jumped in the car hours after the attack and headed to New York, we wanted to help in any way that we could. My dad was able to get into ground zero before they cut off civilians from entering, he helped search for the missing. Meanwhile I helped in one of the set-up camps. We had cots, helped serve food, and gave minor medical help to the firefighters and others helping with the search. The destruction, smoke, and people will forever be etched into my memory. The one story I wanted to share was one that I think about often... a man was brought into the set-up area by a few other men and I was told he needed to rest and eat. I learned while I was helping him that he had been searching through the rubble for over two days straight. I was looking at a man who was about to collapse but yet was determined to go back out there. I quickly said to him, you need to go home, take a shower, take a nap, see your family, and then you can come back. His response to me was no! Using common sense I made the comment "you will be more of a help when you have some strength back" and his response to me is one that I will never forget. He said "what kind of husband would I be if I go home and tell my wife that I couldn't find her dad" At that moment I just stood there, these weren't all people just wanting to help, these were people searching for friends, co-workers, and family members. I obviously knew that before but hearing it said this way was different. I think about that man often and wonder about his families outcome. I can't imagine the pain that not only this day brings but everyday to those who lost a loved one  on that horrible day. I pray for comfort and peace to those still suffering and along with the rest of the country I take today to remember.