Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy One Year Anniversary to Kelly and Patrick!!

Last Labor Day weekend I had the pleasure of planning a wedding for the cutest couple in an adorable little town. After going home for the holidays, Kelly decided she wanted to have her wedding in her home town of Coshocton. I had never been to Coshocton but I quickly feel in love with their Roscoe Village. Kinsey and I ended up staying up there after the wedding and camping. If your looking for something to do for an afternoon or have an extra day, it's worth a visit.

Kelly and Patrick were such a sweet couple to work with and I am so happy to be featuring them again on their one year anniversary. To many many more you two!!!

Here are a some of favorite pictures and highlights....

We had beautiful weather for the day 
(although the wind could have been nicer to us but I'm not complaining look at the sky)

Seriously, could I have asked for a cuter couple? I think not.

 Loved the custom hanger we got the bride as a gift.

 Kelly and Patrick are both dentists and choose to donate to the Free to Smile Foundation. 
The gorgeous flowers were done by Sherri at
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I have to apologize because I am actually one day late on this post.
Being 9 months pregnant, I like to blame everything on my pregnancy brain : )