Monday, January 10, 2011

Wedding Coordinator vs Venue Coordinator

In almost every consultation my potential clients always ask how a wedding coordinator is different from the coordinator their venue provides. I want to clear up any misconceptions so that brides won't be disappointed or stressed as their day approaches.

Very simply put a wedding coordinator's client is you and your fiance; a venue coordinator's client is their manager (the venue). A venue coordinator is there to coordinate anything that relates to the venue; where as a wedding coordinator is there to coordinate anything that relates to your wedding.

I am trying not to sound bias but as a planner myself I know how important it is to have someone by your side from day one. Getting to know my couples on a personal level helps me incorporate their personalities and style into the design and feel of their wedding.

Speaking from experience. Venues tend to have a high turnover rate. My 2010 July bride had her venue coordinator change 3 times during the process. Since we had made changes to the menu and contract this made things a little hectic. I do not want to discount what a venue coordinator does because their job is very important, I am just here to tell you that we have two different roles.

 Here is a very limited list to just show you a glimpse of what each will do

Venue Coordinator will:

  • Give you a tour of the space
  • Book your date
  • Answer questions/explain rules of the space such as "no candles" or "music off  by 11"
  • Create a floor plan
  • Set up tables and chairs
  • Organize a tasting, if there is an on-site catering company
  • Provide you a list of vendors they have partnerships with
  • Present during set up to ensure that all venue regulations are followed
  • Take care of any emergencies that are associated with the venue such as overflowing toilets
Day of Wedding Coordinator will:
  • Assemble a master timeline and ensure it is understood and followed by all vendors
  • Review contracts and identify any potential issues. Ensure vendors follow through with contractual obligations
  • Direct and assist guests through ceremony and reception
  • Organize and run your dress rehearsal
  • Create and Design your ceremony and reception
  • Line up and cue the bridal party and musicians/DJ for your processional
  • Attend to the needs of the bride and bridal party
  • Distribute bouquets and boutonnieres
  • Distribute final payments and tips to vendors
  • Set out personal items (guest book, escort cards etc)
  • Coordinate your grand entrance and exit
  • Ensure your photographer knows when all of your special moments will take place
  • Create a seamless wedding by being your liaison between your family, friends, and vendor
  • And most importantly, a day of wedding coordinator will take care of any last minute changes and emergencies that come up on a wedding day (ex., vendors not showing up, transportation issues between ceremony site and reception site, wedding crashers, late starts, missing bridal party members etc.)
***This list is very limited to what a coordinator does for you on your day but hopefully you get the picture