Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Honeymoon edition of Shoes Day Tuesday

The day after my wedding I didn't even recognize my feet. They were swollen with blisters and hurt so bad! I couldn't wait to go to Mexico and wear flip flops for 95% of the trip. My little sister Taylor, who is fifteen, spent her own money to buy me some Just Married flip flops, so they were extra special for me. When we got to the beach I was hopping around like a bunny trying to get the perfect imprint for a picture (I'm sure I looked ridiculous). I wouldn't recommend wearing them shopping because they weren't very comfortable but they were perfect for the beach.

$7.99 at Jo Ann Fabrics. They also have them for the groom in black.

All my attemps in one photo haha

For a little more money you can have a bedazzled pair. They may even be more comfortable.