Monday, October 3, 2011

Eventology 2011

Although I graduated from OSU, starting a business especially in this industry there are just some things you do not learn. Therefore education has been key. Last year it was Ivy Robinson, this year Eventology! i I had such a good time meeting some lovely ladies and learning from some of the best in the industry. Here is a little recap from my trip....Enjoy!

Day 1:
I was a little nervous walking into the Omni Hotel knowing I wasn't going to know anyone but I quickly meet some fabulous girls. During registration we got a swag bag, and who doesn't like that?!

Our table setting was so cute!

Up first was Jeannine Kennedy who spoke about Style (my favorite topic always). Her website the stylish planner is so great. I am grateful to say that I was featured just last month                         .

After a great lunch with the ladies at Nordstroms we came back to hear Ali Phillips talk about maximizing vendor relationships. I learned a lot from her presentation and maybe a little more sitting next to her : )

Someone you cannot forget once you meet her is the self proclaimed Diva herself Linnyette Richardson-Hall you may know what I am talking about if you watch her on Whose Wedding Is It Anyways? She spoke on confidence and I was definitely taking notes.

To end the evening we had Becca Brett Leish from Get Married magazine spoke about Getting Published! I will be submitting so let's keep our fingers crossed.

By 7:30 this pregnant mama was hungry! the cocktail (well juice for me) and dinner party was much needed. As much as I would have loved to hit the downtown Indianapolis fun I was wiped out from the day.

Day 2:
My brain hurt after Michelle Loretta spoke on accounting. She did a fabulous job don't get me wrong but  I was in such need of this lesson it was difficult on the brain.

LawGLOSS (yeah I know fun name) NaShara Mitchell, JD who can I say is so cute! Spoke on Contracts and Agreements. Not only does she know law but does make-up! Not fair she gets brains and beauty.

Last but certainly not least was Saundra Hadley with negotiation skills. I really enjoyed meeting her at the conference, she had me laughing a lot.  One thing I learned about her is her obsession with chucks and I owe her a chuck edition of Shoes Day Tuesday so look for it on the blog shortly.

A special thanks to all the ladies and especially to Katasha Butler for a successful event!