Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lovely Lady Bump

I wish I was one of those people who journaled or at least blogged through out their pregnancy, however, I am just not that on top of things. I do have 2 pages out of 6 done for his scrapbook...progress people progress.
In one post I will try and sum up the last 32 weeks....

1st Trimester: The first trimester was just like what you would expect I was tired, sick, and hormonal. Someone needs to come out with a new book on pregnancy symptoms because there are soooo many more then what you hear about. If you are expecting or are planning on having a baby soon I suggest reading the book Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy, she speaks the truth and it is hilarious! I had a little trouble gaining weight in the beginning but luckily that is now a problem of the past : )

2nd Trimester: It is true, the second trimester is a nice break. My symptoms subsided a lot and I was able to enjoy the pregnancy. People ask me about my cravings all the time and to be honest I haven't had anything crazy. If anything I felt like I reverted back to 5th grade and wanted things like tater tots, fig newtons, and the biggest of them all ICEE (yum) you know the one you use to get at the movie theater with the bear one it. Luckily they now sell them at burger king, just writing about it is making me want to go get one and it's only 9:30am.

3rd Trimester: If I had a nickel for every time I said I was tired, I would definitely be on the Forbes list this year. I still have 8 weeks to go in this trimester and already I'm not a happy momma. I had a bad back prior to pregnancy but the amount of pain in my back is some of the worst physical pain I've ever experienced. You know you are desperate for some relief when you are laughing on a heating pad when the heat index is over 100 degrees. I want my little peanut to stay in there and continue to grow until it is safe for him to come out but the second that it is I want him out!!!

Randoms: It makes me laugh how many strangers want to know about your pregnancy. Everywhere I go people want to know how far along, boy or girl, names. I just wouldn't expect the post office man to care that much haha.
Pregnancy brain!! ugh this IS real and in my case ridiculous. Just a few of my golden moments: putting the scissors in the freezer, calling the gas company about the electric, ordering my food, paying for my food, and then leaving without my food. People keep saying it gets worse after baby but that can't be possible for me, I need my brain back.
I know have a new formed respect for people who carry multiples like my mom who had twins and is extremely petite. I saw a couple on tv who were having 5 and it made me want to cry for her. The second respect level is for single moms. I can't imagine going through this alone. Kinsey has been so supportive from the beginning when I was scared and unready, he gives me massages every night, does the late night runs to B.K for my icee. I know there are many support groups for single moms  to get help when the baby comes but there should be some starting at pregnancy.
Knowing what a blessing from God this baby is keeps me going everyday. I cannot wait to meet my little man!!

Thanks to all my friends and family for all their prayers.
Love u xo