Monday, May 3, 2010

My semi-famous brother

My two favorite things to do while soaking in the sun; celebrity gossip and wedding magazines!! Now there are so many choose from its like being a kid in a candy factory. If looking for a good one pick up Columbus Bride this spring. Not only are many of my fabulous vendor friends in the magazine but so are Kinsey and I. Ashley Henry my friend/photography submitted our wedding last year hoping it might get picked up as a feature and it did! I can’t lie I was pretty excited but there is someone else who was more excited than me….my little brother Dylan.

Dylan was a hit at the wedding due to his insane dance moves. He is ten years old and has become a fan of watching Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson videos on you tube. Just by watching he has become amazingly good. Columbus Bride printed a photo of him dancing for the feature and now he walks around telling everyone his famous (it’s so cute). I am hoping with his skills that maybe someday he will be and than he can take care of his big sister.

Check it out on pages 30 and 186